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Patient Testimonials

"As both a referring doctor and a patient, I can't say enough about Anita. She is attentive, intuitive, and a master at finding the underlying cause of the disorder. Then she creatively finds a workable solution to restore normal function. She understands the human body as very few people do."

- Dr. Carolyn Crosby

“Anita Furbush is a highly competent and compassionate therapist who has the skill to get to the root of a problem and tackle it from a root cause point of view. Most referrals from physicians to a physical therapist are to "evaluate and treat," which grants a lot of leeway and flexibility into assessment, planning and therapy by one's therapist. Therefore it is very important that your therapist possess the skills that Anita has in this regard. Personally, I have had the misfortune of two separate herniated lumbar disk incidents over the last 5 years that were disabling and extremely painful. With Anita's professional help, we have managed a full and pain free recovery from both with no surgery. That is no small feat. She deserves a strong recommendation for your therapeutic needs.”

- Dr. Scott Horton, MD

“I was facing a full hysterectomy due to stage 3-4 prolapse of uterus when I remembered my physical therapist. She had kept me from surgery in my right shoulder by changing my posture and giving me exercises for both muscle and breathing. I realized that she may be able to help with this seemingly insurmountable problem that had finally come to a peak. I was amazed at how quickly the prolapse began to retreat once I engaged the pelvic floor exercises and posture changes. It has been over 2yrs since the medical doctor deemed my prolapse irreversible. I have not had surgery. My life is busy and active and I am comfortable, I am no longer distracted by my prolapse. Anita is patient, aggressive, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. What you learn will enhance the quality of your life!”

- Wendy Rosa

“I have been seeing Anita for my Physical Therapy for approximately 10 years and there is no other therapist that I would trust more to care for me or my family. In fact, my husband and two children have all been cared for by Anita and all have had resolution of whatever problem with which they presented. Anita willingly and professionally works with our referring medical practitioners to deliver very effective physical therapy and follow-up home exercises for the best long term treatment results. Because of the physically challenging work that I do, the importance of the therapy I receive is essential to my ability to work comfortably. I highly recommend Anita to any and all patients, co-workers or colleagues who I believe might benefit from the specialized techniques that Anita employs.”

- Dr. Marian Sawicki, DDS 

“Anita’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology and her vast experience with manual techniques, along with a large dose of compassion, have given her the ability to facilitate the transformation from dysfunction into health.”

- Sharon Borggaad, PT

"Anita’s expertise in body mechanics and postural related issues is unrivaled. She has an incredible amount of patience and is extremely dedicated to her clients. Her personalized approach utilizes stretching, strengthening, and breathing exercises to address dysfunctional patterns and imbalances in the body. Since working with Anita, my posture has improved and I’ve experienced relief from muscle tightness and joint pain. Anita is such an asset to our local community and I highly recommend her physical therapy services!"

- Gareth Peters

“Anita helped identify my problem, is completely professional, and has great knowledge of anatomy. She gave me exercises that are maintaining my function.”

- Dr. James Stark, MD

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